Lions’ Fundraiser, “Hot San Jose Nights” Car Show

From 7-11 am this morning, the Willow Glen Lions Club served 220 pancake breakfasts during the first half of its two-day charity fundraiser at the Hot San Jose Nights vintage and historical car event (Santa Clara Fairgrounds).  We gave away free helium balloons and made balloon lions for the little kids. All proceeds will go toward this summer’s camp scholarships for the Diabetes Society (in Willow Glen).  The Willow Glen Lions are also collecting eyeglasses to be recycled – given to needy people at no charge.

The car show features a huge variety of vehicles, including a historic Kenworth truck, sports cars from many eras, a red 1957 Chevrolet, a tank, and a huge motorcycle, the world’s largest, said to cost $300,000.

Here are some pictures from today:

IMG_0005 IMG_1007 IMG_1012
IMG_1022 IMG_1024 IMG_1067 IMG_1003
IMG_1062 IMG_1094 IMG_1078
IMG_1043 IMG_1104 IMG_1096
IMG_1098 IMG_1071 IMG_1100

Images by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher, Copyright 2010

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