Roof Dog and Squirrels

With the help of a company called Critter Control, we just finished evicting three families of squirrels which recently set up housekeeping in our roof insulation here in San Jose, California. We set up a trap and checked it daily. The trap remained empty for several weeks: the squirrels moved out on their own. We stuffed the holes they dug under our ceramic roof tiles with steel mesh fabric (“hardware cloth”) to discourage reentry, then repaired the roof from below. Fortunately, there was very little mess and the roof damage was minimal.  We hope they stay away!

While we were sorting out our squirrels, our neighbors had a dog on their roof. They were pet sitting for a friend and while they were out, the pooch went through their upstairs screen window so that he could bark at us neighbors down in the street.  He seemed very happy about his brief break for freedom.

IMG_4402 IMG_0574

Images Copyright 2010, Katy Dickinson

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