Camp Clay

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One of our annual August activities at the Lair of the Golden Bear family camp is playing with clay. Most of the family ends up in the Lair’s Art Grove sooner or later, either to keep my mother (Eleanor Dickinson) company while she is drawing and painting, or to do art of our own. This year, I bought four bisqueware plates at the camp store. (Bisqueware is once-fired clay.) Recruiting Jessica, Matt, Paul, and John, I traced one of each of our hands on a plate.  I painted in between the lines in colored glaze, then covered the whole with clear glaze.* I fired the plates once at camp and then painted over the hands for deeper color and fired them again after vacation at Clay Planet (Santa Clara, California).

My mother mostly painted tiles and sketched in her traveling journal. This year, she painted a special bowl in honor of my son Paul’s 18th birthday. It features images of rock crystals and a large beetle.

* actually, John painted on the clear glaze for me because he smudges less than I do

IMG_2101 IMG_2466 IMG_3371


Images by Katy Dickinson, Copyright 2010

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