Listening to Moby Dick


One of my favorite books is Moby Dick or The Whale by Herman Melville (1851). I have been enjoying listening to this classic novel on my iPhone while driving to work. (My Smart Car has an iPhone holder and charger which connects into the speakers, so the sound is very good.) I have noticed that a number of the chapter titles are mis-typed in the Recorded Books, LLC version. Some of the peculiar errors include:

  • Chapter 10 – “A Bossom Friend” (for “A Bosom Friend”)
  • Chapter 31 – “Queen Ma’am” (for “Queen Mab”)
  • Chapter 46 – “Sumrises” (for “Surmises”)
  • Chapter 100 – “Leg And Arm” (for “The Pequod meets the Samuel Enderby of London”)

One problem with listening to an audio book while driving is that sometimes the recording will jump around from chapter to chapter. Earlier this week, it lept 30 chapters ahead and there was no safe way to reset it without being distracted from driving through heavy traffic. I don’t know whether it is the iPhone application or the recording itself which is causing this problem.

I am a fan of Peet’s Coffee but seeing a Starbucks sign always reminds me that the coffee chain was named after the first mate of the whaling ship Pequod in Moby Dick.

IMG_5452 IMG_5451

Images Copyright 2010 by Katy Dickinson

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