Blog Housekeeping, Autumn, Haircuts

IMG_5282 IMG_5297 IMG_5483

It is a lovely autumn here in the Silicon Valley. Like any good geek (even one who is a technology minimalist, like myself), I spend most of my time indoors with my computer, only rarely enjoying the intoxicating colors of the season. I have been blogging more-or-less regularly for over five years – this is my 1,065th entry. In that time, things have changed. I am now working for Huawei instead of Sun, both of my kids are in college, pets have died and we have adopted new pets.

When I moved my blog entries from here to, formatting and image references were lost or corrupted. As the topics I write about naturally evolve, the tags I use for my blog entries also change. From time-to-time, I go back and update old blog entries – fixing broken links and formatting that has rotted and adding or updating tags. Unless there is a spelling or punctuation error, I do not change old blog content, although I might put a forward reference if I have written significantly more on that topic since the original post. This is like getting a getting a haircut – tidying up the mess but not making any essential changes.

IMG_5480 IMG_6093
IMG_6091 IMG_5466

Images Copyright 2010 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Blog Housekeeping, Autumn, Haircuts

  1. That’s a very interesting picture, the one next to the pumpkin. Is that a glass squash with flowers inside? Very nice!

  2. Katy Dickinson

    The picture is of a glass pumpkin – the pattern in the glass looks like cells in a brown leaf. You can read my blog entry on Glass Pumpkins for more information:

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