“Unstoppable” Improbable


John and Paul and I went to the movies tonight with San Jose’s Silicon Valley Lines Model Railroad Club to the opening showing of “Unstoppable” with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as a Railroad Engineer and Conductor trying to stop a runaway train. This movie is fun and very pretty – especially if you love fast trains and handsome men. However, the large number of unreasonable behaviors and professional errors in the story is highly improbable.

Here is the original story: “Pennsylvania man lived the drama that inspired ‘Unstoppable'”. Somewhat incensed by the reckless and bumbling behavior of the train handling personnel who caused the runaway in the movie, John came home and read to me from the “General Code of Operating Rules” of West Coast US railways:

1.0 General Responsibilities

1.1 Safety
Safety is the most important element in performing duties. Obeying the rules is essential to job safety and continued employment.

1.1.1 Maintaining a Safe Course
In case of doubt or uncertainty, take the safe course.

I think the club was rooting for the train to win.

Images Copyright 2010 by Katy Dickinson

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