Very Busy Christmas

Christmas has been particularly busy this year because my daughter Jessica and son-in-law-to-be Matt are home from college and there is much to do to get ready for their marriage next summer. She will be returning to CMU in ten days and not back until May. Matt will be returning to Willam and Mary. They are both in their Senior year.

Jessica and Matt visited Mount Madonna Park where they want to be married. We bought her wedding shoes and had the first fitting for her wedding gown – the second fitting is next week. (She will be wearing my gown.) Jessica and Matt are shopping for rings and scheduling tastings at the various candidates for wedding caterers. This is in addition to our usual holiday activities and John going to rehearsals for his role as the Magus Melchior in the Epiphany church pageant next Sunday.  Some of what we have been doing:

  • Shopping in San Francisco’s Chinatown with Sally and Lorene for our 28th year – including our annual visit to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in Ross Alley
  • Going to craft fairs, seeing holiday lights, and going to parties hosted by other people
  • Silicon Valley Lines model train club holiday party at our house. The highlight of the party is the guests creating a model layout on our living room floor with my G-scale track and trains.
  • Christmas caroling on the cable car in San Francisco
  • Huawei’s holiday party
  • Visiting the Dickens Christmas Fair
  • Christmas eve service at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (Saratoga)
  • Christmas dinner at our house
  • Ladies’ Christmas tea at our house

Paul enjoyed his first quarter at Foothill College. He made us large ceramic Christmas presents, including a large and charming Hedwig the owl which Paul made for Jessica and Matt.  Some pictures:


IMG_7482 IMG_7479

Silicon Valley Lines holiday party

IMG_7613 IMG_7625

Dickens Christmas Fair

IMG_7980 IMG_7990

Singing on the San Francisco Cable Car

IMG_8158 IMG_8192

Wedding Dress Fitting

IMG_8254 IMG_8261 IMG_8257

Christmas Eve at St. Andrew’s

IMG_8283 IMG_8294

Christmas Day

IMG_8344 IMG_8338

Ladies’ Christmas Tea

IMG_8364 IMG_8373

Images Copyright 2010 by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher

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  1. Webmonarch

    We need a groom filter on these photos or Matt will see The Dress!

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