80th Birthday Celebration – Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson

1962.Eleanor.portrait 2 1989.Eleanor.BelcherSt 2

My mother Eleanor Dickinson will celebrate her 80th birthday next month. My brothers and I are planning a big party featuring a video with pictures from her family life and accomplishments as an artist. For the last month, I have spent every spare moment going through all of the family photos: of people, of cats, of places and houses that are meaningful in her life. The family has been sending me scans of old pictures and digital images to add to the collection. My daughter Jessica and brother Peter have picked out songs to go with the images.

Working with these pictures has given me a new understanding of my mother and her life. When I look at pictures from many years ago, I can sometimes remember how that sweater felt or what was happening when the camera snapped. Some of the people have died and all have changed in one way or another. It is a rewarding if very time consuming experience.


Images Copyright 1962-1994 Katy Dickinson

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