Happy Year of the Rabbit

1980 Walter Hopps rabbit 2008 studio Iguana-2

Working for Huawei means that I am much more aware of Chinese holidays and traditions. Happy New Year! This is the first day of the Year of the Rabbit in the traditional Chinese zodiac. Yesterday, Huawei had a big party for staff and their families, complete with dumplings, seeds, sweets, balloons, plus a dance and variety show from China TV on the big screen in the cafeteria.  Today, many people wore their dressy clothes to work.

In honor of the new year, here is my favorite rabbit story:

My mother used to have two large pets in her San Francisco art studio: a rabbit and a six foot long iguana lizard. Both were vegetarians and they loved carrots for their leafy green tops. One day, my mother put a large carrot on the floor and both animals started for it. They stopped on either side of the vegetable and eyed each other.

You need to know that rabbits show aggression by growling and thumping their back legs. A combative iguana jerks its head up and down and turns its skin from green to orange. So, the grey rabbit was on one side of the carrot growling and thumping, and the lizard was on the other, bobbing and changing color. Fortunately for the peace of the studio, both animals were very stupid. Eventually one wandered off and the other sat on the carrot.

Here are pictures of the food at the Huawei New Year’s Party:

New Years Sweets New Years Seeds Chinese Dumplings

Images Copyright 1980-2011 by Eleanor Dickinson and Katy Dickinson

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  1. susan

    Katy – wasn’t your rabbit’s name Fang?! Is you mom still on Broderick? I’ll send her a card. Give her a big kiss for me. Susan

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