Picturing Flags

Children and flag are some of the hardest subjects to photograph. Both change unpredictably and fast. I have found that taking many pictures with a small good camera yields better results than trying for that perfect image. I use a Canon PowerShot S95 with a SanDisk 8 Gb flash memory card and two rechargeable batteries. I keep everything in a small zippered case in my purse – ready to take pictures whenever the opportunity arises.

There is something fascinating and alive in how big flags give shape to the wind.  The first and second row of pictures were taken after a wind storm  ripped the edges off of some flags.  The long strips of cloth were rolling around on the ground near the flagpoles.

Getting a picture in which several flags are identifiable is possible but often a challenge.  The third row below presents the best of a large number of images trying to picture the flags of California, America, and Huawei all open and pointed in the same direction.  Never did happen.  The bottom row was taken near Moscone Center on a fair windy day in San Francisco in which nine flags lined up almost perfectly.

3 flags 2 flags
flag shreds flag shreds
Huawei flags Huawei flags Huawei flags
San Francisco flags San Francisco flags San Francisco flags

Images Copyright Katy Dickinson 2011

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