Still Here (Rapture +1)

Rapture Billboard San Jose CA

Judgement Day and Rapture billboards have been pervasive here in the San Francisco Bay Area, saying that the world will end on 21 May at 6 pm Pacific Time. Didn’t happen – yesterday was refreshingly normal. The picture below (left) is what I saw at 6 pm California time yesterday. We were driving Highway 280 from San Jose to San Francisco to have dinner with my parents. In curiosity, our family listened to the 610 AM radio program which had been announcing the Rapture but the station only offered choral hymns at the critical time.

Today was the annual visit of Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves to Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Saratoga CA (pictured below, right) . Bishop Mary started her sermon with “Still here…” and then spoke about Rapture frenzy being in a context of fear and punishment, not the love and cherishing that she felt from her relationship with Jesus.  During his life, Jesus took care of the needy, he did not abandon them.

Listening to the news this week, I was reminded of a cartoon which came out during the Y2K frenzy at the end of December 1999, before the Millenium New Year. It showed two couples awkwardly looking at each other: one pair in a bunker with food and weapons and the other dressed up for a great party, saying “In the morning, one of us is going to be very embarrassed.” I am still tempted to get a Rapture bumper sticker. I particularly like the one which says: “In case of Rapture, can I have your stuff?”

Highway 280 near Half Moon Bay CA . Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves

Images by Katy Dickinson 2011 Copyright

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