Van Gilder Glass – 3rd Home

Walter Van Gilder stained glass panel

My Great Grandfather was Walter Van Gilder, a glass maker.  You can read my 2009 blog entry about his home at 1007 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville Tennessee. I own several engraved and picture mirrors made by him but I think Walter Van Gilder’s best work is a stained glass panel (about five feet wide) which until this morning was over the door of my parents’ house in San Francisco. The panel is lovely but in deteriorating condition, so I asked Architectural Art Glass expert Vince Taylor to remove and fix it. Vince has created three stained glass panels for our house in San Jose and he does beautiful work. Once the lead has been replaced and the frame restored or replaced (depending on what is possible), the Van Gilder panel will be ready for its next hundred years. Ours will be the third house it has graced and we look forward to welcoming it home later this year.

Image Copyright 2011 by Katy Dickinson


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3 responses to “Van Gilder Glass – 3rd Home

  1. I have a mirror hanging on my living room wall that was made by the Van Gilder Glass Company in Knoxville, Tennessee. There is a tag on the back of it that says it was ordered on 4/18/51, which makes it to be about 60 years old. I bought a house full of furnishings from a friend whose mother had passed away and was going to list it for sale. But when I tried to research it to find out how much to ask for it, I can’t seem to find anything like it anywhere. It is a very beautiful mirror with a uniquely scalloped shape, beveled edges, and spider-like pinstriping in the glass. in the center of both outer edges where the pinstripes meet, there are small 3/4″ inlaid circles that look like convex traffic mirrors. These tiny mirrors show a miniature reflection of the entire room! If you look close at the center part of the mirror, you can also see the patina marks that verify the age of it. This is an amazing mirror and it is in great condition considering its age.

    Is there any way you would know how to determine the value of such an item? I would keep it but I moved from a large three bedroom home with a full basement and garage into a one-bedroom apartment and simply don’t have the room to keep it and don’t want something to happen to it. I would like to sell it to someone who can appreciate it but have no idea of how much to ask for it. If you can’t help me, I understand, but I’ll never know without at least asking. Thank you!

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