3 Beautiful Old Typewriters

Remington Portable Typewriter

In 2009, I wrote an entry about the old Remington Portable typewriter pictured at the top of my blog page. I recently acquired two more, an L.C. Smith & Corona Super Speed from a garage sale ($10), and an Oliver Standard Visible Writer (appropriately olive colored) which was a gift from my mother. All three are now part of my office in WP668 (our backyard caboose).

Typing this on my Apple MacBook Pro laptop, with its sleek compact design, makes me think again how far the mechanics of writing have come.  The  function of these three 80-year-old machines is the same but the designs are very different. I find them interesting and beautiful.

I learned to type on a portable typewriter. Now, many of them are being dismantled for their beautiful parts and sold a bit at a time on Etsy* and at craft fairs to those who like the steampunk look. As my husband says, before something gets to be antique and valuable, it has to survive being old and worn out.

* Etsy currently has 3,948 listings for handmade items such as rings, pendants, cuff links, and earrings which mention “typewriter keys”

Oliver Typewriter

Smith Corona Typewriter

Images Copyright 2011 by Katy Dickinson


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3 responses to “3 Beautiful Old Typewriters

  1. beautiful machines. I have several in my attic too–

  2. Sydney

    How much does the remington portable cost and the Super speed cost?

  3. If you look at garage, yard, and estate sales in your neighborhood, you may be lucky enough to buy antique typewriters for $10 to $40 each. Good hunting! – Katy

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