Last Harry Potter Movie

Harry Potter 7 Century 22 San Jose . Harry Potter 7 Century 22 San Jose

I went with family and friends to see the last Harry Potter movie last night. It was dark and sad but with a marvelous battle at the end. My kids love J.K. Rowling’s books and have read each of the seven Harry Potter stories many times. My son listens to recordings of the stories regularly. For the last fourteen years, our whole family has awaited each book and movie eagerly. We have several copies of each book, some in more than one language. In 2003, when we took a family trip by Amtrak train from Chicago home to the San Francisco Bay Area, we had to share just two newly-arrived books among the four of us. I think I achieved a personal best by reading Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (870 pages) in a day and a half.  I am sorry to see the end of new stories about our favorite boy wizard.

Harry Potter Jessica 2000 . non-English Harry Potter books

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