My Daughter is Married!

Jessica Bride

My daughter Jessica married her High School sweetheart Matthew yesterday at Mount Madonna Park near Gilroy. The bride was lovely, the groom was handsome, and the 125 gusts had a delightful time. Jessica wore my first wedding dress (ivory raw silk) with a river pearl necklace from her Grandmother and me.  Matt wore a tuxedo with white vest and tie. The mothers read two poems:

Before, during, and after the ceremony, there were hundreds of formal photos. Then, everyone ate food and cake and was happy and  silly…  The couple will live for their first year in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania while where Jessica will be a 5th Year Scholar at CMU.  Jessica was graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with honors in Ethics, History & Public policy (that’s one major). She will finish her minor in Music and focus on her Arabic during the coming year. Matt just was graduated from William & Mary with honors in Computer Science and Public Policy.

Jessica and Matthew . Jessica and Matthew


Images Copyright 2011 by Katy Dickinson


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7 responses to “My Daughter is Married!

  1. Rip Creekmore

    What an absolutely beautiful bride! Jessica is beautiful anyway, but you can tell in the pictures that she is absolutely glowing on her and Matthew’s special day! Love the pictures …. and the bottom one is classic! Congratulations to all!

  2. Rip Creekmore

    What absolutly stunning pictures Katy!!! Especially love the first one of Jessica, she looks like a woodland fairy! I’m sorry we could not be there.
    Joann Creekmore

  3. Joann Creekmore

    Congratulations to all of you! What absolutly beautifuly pictures Katy! My favorite is the first one, Jessica looks like a woodland fairy!! So sorry we could not attend. I’m sure you are so very proud!

    Joann Creekmore

  4. Congratulations!!! Jessica is a radiant bride.

  5. Congratulations Jessica and Matthew. Matthew, formal welcome to the wonderful family of John and Katy. Going by the pics, I am sure the event is very well organized with John’s perfect processes and Katy’s motherly magic touch.

    Katy, what special tea did you serve for the newly married couple?

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