John in China

My husband John is on a month-long business trip to China for Huawei, visiting his staff in Xian and ShenZhen. We bought a Panasonic LX5 Lumix camera for his trip. We both like my Canon Powershot S95 but were looking for a camera that managed closeups and color better.  It has been interesting seeing China through his lens, both the grand and the small. I look forward to his posting the latest pictures to our joint Flickr account.

When John and I traveled to Beijing and Xian together in 2005, we often ate dishes that we wanted to order again here at home in California. Since we do not speak Chinese, we could only describe the ingredients to a good cook and hope for the best. For this trip, John is taking pictures of his favorite dishes.

We talk by phone or Skype every day.

P1020355 . P1020348
IMG_20110908_184631 . IMG_20110908_184625



Images Copyright 2011 by John Plocher

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