TechWomen Delegation in Morocco – Day 1

TechWomen going to Morocco . TechWomen pencils

A group of Silicon Valley Mentors and MENA Mentees from the TechWomen program have gathered this week in Morocco to learn and teach about women in computing. A group of us flew in together from San Francisco and the others met us here. Today, we went on a short tour of Marrakech, including two women’s craft cooperatives, and then enjoyed a Fantasia dinner featuring music, dancing, and a show with horses and camels. We will be visiting schools and have WWW.TECHWOMEN.ORG MOROCCO 2011 pencils and other gifts for the children.  The TechWomen have missed each other after our intense June together in the Silicon Valley.  We are enjoying being together!

Marrakech tiled doorway Morocco . Katy Dickinson with TechWomen in Morocco
Marrakech Fantasia horses Morocco . Marrakech Fantasia camels Morocco

TechWomen in Marrakech Morocco
Images Copyright 2011 Katy Dickinson



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4 responses to “TechWomen Delegation in Morocco – Day 1

  1. Webmonarch

    I’m so glad you’re having fun! It looks incredible. More pictures!

  2. Esra Said

    Ooh, I wish if I could join you, enjoy Morocco and regards to all !!!

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