TechWomen in Morocco – Day 3

Madame Milouda Hazeb and TechWomen

The TechWomen delegation is about to start its 4th day here in Marrakech, Morocco. Yesterday morning, we met with Madame Milouda Hazeb, political leader and president of Ennakhil District (a member of the parliament), then talked about technical careers for women at ENSA (National School of Applied Sciences). After lunch with local women business leaders of AFEM, we visited the well-managed and loving Dar Tifl orphanage, then the Dar Taliba school for girls. The children were heartbreakingly sweet and sharp. At Dar Taliba we learned that most of the girls excel in math and science but they have no working computers. Something to look into! We had a lovely shopping trip to the souks (I bought 3 amazing Berber carpets) then a very late but elegant dinner at the Palais Gharnata, including an athletic belly dancer.  There are cats everywhere!

Renaissance Hotel Marrakech Morocco

TechWomen at Dar Tifl orphanage

Carpet shop in Marrakech Morocco

Images Copyright 2011 Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “TechWomen in Morocco – Day 3

  1. Webmonarch

    I showed these photos to my Arabic class. They were all impressed that my Mom’s been to more Middle Eastern and North African countries than they have,

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