Mohammed VI of Morocco

Mohammed VI of Morocco

On last week’s visit to Morocco, I was impressed by how many positive comments I heard about King Mohammed. Being an American, kings are strange to me.  I am used to our special version of democracy where complaining about the government is expected and politics is a contact sport.

Seeing the young king’s picture everywhere was a surprise – especially the many photos which had clearly been taken locally (not formal portraits). Mohammed VI of Morocco seems to be not only highly regarded by his people but actively involved in making positive social change. In particular, the 2004 reform of the Mudawana or family code was widely praised for supporting women’s rights and gender equality within an Islamic legal framework.

I was only there for ten days and maybe I just did not hear about the bad stuff.  But I can’t think of an American politician about whom everyone has only good to say.  Like the king’s photo which presided over most of our TechWomen meeting rooms – he seems to be very much a part of his people’s daily life.

Mohammed VI of Morocco / Mohammed VI of Morocco
Mohammed VI of Morocco . Mohammed VI of Morocco

Images Copyright 2011 Katy Dickinson

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