What is inside a minaret?

Marrakech Morocco mosque . Casablanca Morocco mosque

During last week’s visit to Morocco by the TechWomen delegation, we had many fascinating conversations during the long bus rides. I asked several of the women, what is inside a minaret?

The delegation spent days in Casablanca and saw the impressively huge Hassan II Mosque but of course even tiny neighborhood mosques each have their own minaret. None of the women had been inside a minaret (not allowed). One said she toured La Giralda (built in 1184 in Seville, Spain) where the ancient minaret had been converted to a cathedral bell tower. She said it enclosed a ramp big enough for the muezzin to ride a horse to the top to lead the call to prayer.  Several thought that inside a minaret was probably just stairs (or maybe a ladder) and empty space.

My home church is always struggling for storage space – where to store the Christmas pageant costumes? Where do the tablecloths go between parish dinners? If our church had a bell tower, I think it would soon be full of Thanksgiving table decorations and extra candles.  I hope I am not being disrespectful in wondering if mosques have similar storage problems.

I found some web pictures of stairs inside small minarets. But I am still curious if all that is inside the great minarets is a stairway?

Images Copyright 2011 Katy Dickinson


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