Family Friendly Technical Conference

Jessica Dickinson Goodman at Hopper Conference 2011

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women and Computing (GHC11) is not only the greatest technical women’s conference in the world, it is also a wonderful event for families. My daughter Jessica and I have attended together for the last five years. The first year, I invited her to join my Girl Geeks panel but each year since, Jessica has proposed her own a poster (and this time, both a poster and panel) and been accepted. The Hopper Conference always provides childcare but many Dads come along to watch kids while the technical Mom attends talks and networks. This was the first year that my husband John attended GHC.

Dad with twins at Hopper Conference 2011

Jessica Dickinson Goodman, Katy Dickinson, Radia Perlman, Valerie Bubb Fenwick at Hopper Conference 2011

Images Copyright 2011 Katy Dickinson

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