Wrought Iron Window Grates

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As regular readers know, I am fond of both public art and especially metal work. I took many pictures of the ornamental ironwork window coverings when I was in Morocco late last year. I even saw some urban blacksmiths at work on the street. Last weekend, during a visit to the Northern California’s Wine Country, I was amused to see small weathered Tunisian window grates for sale as decorations for $95 to $490 per. What a difference a little travel makes!


Images 2011-2012 Copyright Katy Dickinson


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4 responses to “Wrought Iron Window Grates

  1. Hi Katy, I found your blog by accident, but realize you are in the Bay Area. I am remodeling my home (over 100 years old) and I’m looking for iron window grates, but can’t seem to find any. I need a total of four and I’d like them to be different. I think I am not searching using the appropriate language as I can’t seem to find anything that might work. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Phyllis, Benicia, CA

  2. Katy Dickinson

    Hi Phyllis of Benicia

    Thanks for your note. I recommend that you find a salvage company for your iron window grates. A web search for “reclaimed wrought iron” or “wrought iron salvage” is a good way to start. EBay sometimes has such items for sale too – although you need to be careful to review shipping costs. Another option is to find a local blacksmith and have what you want made – which offers the advantage that the product will be a good fit. For our 1930 Spanish Mission / Arts & Crafts home in Willow Glen, we have done all of these: bought fittings and architectural bits and pieces from salvage yards, eBay, and also had some things made by a blacksmith.

    Happy hunting – Katy

  3. Thanks! I will let you know how is all shakes out 🙂

    • Jacquie

      Phyllis, try the Sonoma Nesting Co. in Guerneville. I just bought a Tunisian window grate there on Saturday. They had a handful of others. The rpices seemed very decent compared to the things I have seen on the internet.

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