San Francisco 1878 Victorian House for Sale


As of today, my mother’s Victorian home is for sale:

2125 Broderick Street (at Washington)
San Francisco

It has been a huge job clearing and preparing the house for sale but finally the work is done. The first open house is this Sunday. Our realtor is:

Charlene G Delaney
Keller Williams Benchmark Properties

This lovely Pacific Heights home has been in our family for fifty years but the many stairs make it difficult for my 81-year-old mother. I hope its next family will enjoy it as much as we have.

Image by Katy Dickinson 2011


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3 responses to “San Francisco 1878 Victorian House for Sale

  1. Linda

    Beautiful house. I’ll miss it too.

  2. susan jardin

    Many happy memories there. Alice in Wonderland Party (your mom as the March Hare), hiding in the shower from “dracula”, New Year’s Eve parties, working in the studio, getting art lessons in the studio, your doll house, your cats (especially the ones that you’d put at the bottom of your sleeping bag), soup, popcorn, raw veggies with sour cream, the artwork, the iguana in the bathroom, Fang.

  3. The house is just beautiful! I’m sure it will sell quickly and to a family who will treasure it as much as you did.

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