Disposing of Toxics


One of the challenges of clearing my mother’s San Francisco house for sale has been disposing of the toxics.  Every household probably has some medicine, paint, cleaners, or household chemicals long past their useful life.  Disposing of these properly can be difficult.  When the home includes a professional artist, the problem is bigger because many art supplies are particularly toxic (toluene, lead, strychnine…). When the containers are glass or metal, these items are usually safe to handle but we did have a plastic bottle of furniture finish disintigrate when picked up, leaving my poor husband coated in stinking ancient tung oil.

We have been blessed with the energetic support of Marian, a long-time family friend, who took on the much-appreciated task of finding a safe and appropriate disposal site for each type of toxic we discovered.  Over the last two months, Marian has found a pharmacy that will take old medicine, a paint shop that will take partial cans of venerable latex paint, and even a San Francisco city site for collecting hazardous household waste. It is a big relief to get all of this nasty stuff safely out of the house. Thank you Marian!


Images by Katy Dickinson 2012 Copyright

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