My Mother’s House Sold!

2125 Broderick St. San Francisco CA . 2125 Broderick St. San Francisco CA

Hooray! After two weeks on the market, my mother’s Victorian in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights has sold. We listed at $1.4 Million and the home sold for $1.775 Million. There were seven bids. Our family is very happy to be almost done with the sale process and the new family seems very happy with their new house. Thanks to our broker, Charlene Delaney of Keller Williams, for her good work.

2125 Broderick was built by Harry Jay Summerhayes in 1878 for himself and his bride. The Compagnon family moved into the house in 1900. The Dickinson family started living there in 1963. At the end of this month, the fourth family to own 2125 Broderick in 134 years will take possession.

Image by Katy Dickinson 2012 Copyright


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6 responses to “My Mother’s House Sold!

  1. danabayiates

    Congratulations! Still, it’s a bit sad, isn’t it…

  2. Lou Senatore

    It’s so nice to have a house sold so quickly and at a great price but it’s sad also as I remember so many things about Eleanor and Wade’s home. I spent many hours with my sister in the studio, many Christmases, and many Easters with the kids hunting eggs in the beautiful backyard. I remember parties and iguanas and toads & frogs in the upstairs bathroom – and of course numerous kitty cats. God bless 2125 Broderick – may the new owners have such wonderful memories some day. Lou

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