Published: “Famous Women in Computer Science”

Advancing Your Career Through Awards GHC10
“Advancing Your Career Through Awards” panel at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2010, including (L to R): Lucy Sanders, Fran Allen, Bob Walker, Katy Dickinson, Marcy Alstott, and Manuela Veloso.

In November 2009, I first published my first “Famous Women in Computer Science” blog entry. I am delighted to report that in honor of International Women’s Day 2012, the Anita Borg Institute has published an updated and expanded version of that material as a new web resource:

The Anita Borg Institute is proud to introduce – Famous Women in Computer Science. This list was compiled by our Advisory Board Awards Committee: Katy Dickinson (Director, Huawei Technologies), Fran Allen (IBM Emerita and 2006 Turing Award Winner), Dr. Chandra Krintz, (Professor, Computer Science Department, University of California at Santa Barbara) and Dr. Robert Walker (Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department, Kent State University). The women on this list are leaders in Computer Science and recognized by their peers and the technology industry through major awards and other public acknowledgements of excellence.

The ultimate goal of this list is to encourage our readers to:

  • Navigate the ABI awards web sites
  • Identify women with award-winning potential
  • Encourage those who want to understand their own potential for promotion, honors, and awards
  • Organize and inform a nomination or promotion

Awards and other honors often go begging for lack of good nominations. A great woman is often overlooked because no one mentioned her name or took the time to build her case. Increased focus is needed on awards going to great technical women at every stage in their careers.

The new “Famous Women in Computer Science” web resource is attracting attention: we have already had many requests to add more names. Our committee is reviewing and researching suggestions as we get them. The list is incomplete and growing. After reviewing what is already published, if you have a suggestion for this list please send a message to Here is the 8 March 2012 press release.

“Famous Women in Computer Science” is a companion resource to the “Award-Winning Career Timelines In Computer Science and Engineering”  material my amazing ABI Advisory Board committee published in 2010.

“The Value of Awards and How to Get Them” at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2009, including (L to R): Katy Dickinson, Chandra Krintz, Bob Walker.

Images by Katy Dickinson 2009-2010

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