Signing House Sale Papers

A notary from the title company came to our home in San Jose to collect my mother’s signature and fingerprint on the house sale escrow documents this morning. 35 pages! Our realtor sent us another 100 or so pages last night to review and sign (acknowledgement of receipt of the mold report, tank inspection, contractor inspection, “Seller’s Supplement to the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure” and others).

We have already made one trip to San Francisco to pick up garden sculptures, potted plants, and my father’s beloved decorative boulders. We are going again this weekend and again next week.

I will be happy to be done with all of this.

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One response to “Signing House Sale Papers

  1. Lou Senatore

    Yikes – sounds like a lot of paperwork and running around. All the inspections can drive one crazy. When we sold our house on 322 Valencia, SSF, we had a 30 page disclosure form to go through while here in Tenn it was only a 3 page disclosure form. When son Richard bought his house in Pensacola, Fla several years ago, he was never notified that there had been a violent murder in the living room (lots of blood) (new carpeting) but Fla law did not figure that this was a disclosable fact. Did you retrieve the birdbath from the backyard that Grandfather Van Gilder had made and was at Circle Park? Eleanor has treasured that birdbath for many years. Good luck, Lou

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