Easter Egg Hunt



We had more than a dozen children over with their families and friends for our annual backyard Easter Egg Hunt and potluck brunch in Willow Glen (San Jose, California). Among the kids, our son Paul was the oldest egg hunter at 19 and Howard was the youngest, at age 3. The devious Bunny and his helpers came up with the following poem hints about hiding places for the coveted Gold and Silver eggs:

My roost once used to roll and pitch
My halo exists at other men’s whims
In finding me please don’t twitch
The creek where you’d fall, nobody swims

I creep at the edge of an –ito
Don’t over-step or you will cheat-o
Chameleon-like I hide
Hurry quick! I won’t abide.

The Gold egg was found quickly (on top of the electrical box behind the light on the porch of WP 668, our caboose), but the Silver egg eluded all hunters until late afternoon. It was wrapped in tape and painted to look like a stone in the arroyito.  The rules of the hunt are the same year after year:

    1. There are no eggs in the flower beds (also: no eggs are on the bank, in the cactus, or outside of the backyard)
    2. Kids get to go into the yard youngest first, and then one every 30 seconds until age 10 – after which, everyone can go
    3. Parents may not help hunt (except for the Gold and Silver eggs)
    4. The only clues are in the poems on where the Gold and Silver eggs are
    5. Kids can keep their eggs and baskets or empty out the candy and leave them with us for next year
IMG_7123 . IMG_7128


Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher


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