Jessica is Graduating from CMU with Honors


I am proud to announce that my clever daughter Jessica is graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA this weekend. She finished her 5th Year Scholars project and is being awarded college honors, university honors, and Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa is “The Nation’s Oldest and Most Widely Known Academic Honor Society” started in 1776. She next takes on a summer internship at Harvard Law School and then is moving to Seattle WA where her husband Matt has a new job at Amazon. Busy girl!

Regular readers may remember that Jessica also graduated in 2011 but still had to finish her minor and 5th year project. All done now.

Image Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Jessica is Graduating from CMU with Honors

  1. Aunt Lou

    Congratulations to Jessica for a job well done – major accomplishments! Being back on the West Coast will be exciting and closer to home as well. Best ever, love, aunt, Lou

  2. Susan Jardin

    Katy – congrats to Jessica. Kevin (remember Kevin, my college friend?) lives in Seattle and I go often to visit with him and family. Perhaps we can meet up there sometime. I love that town. Best, Susan

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