Goodbye Tbird

Cleaning out my late father’s old Tbird, we found: 2 books (A Pirate of Exquisite Mind and The Feynman Lectures on Physics, vol.5), 3 metal boxes full of tools, at least a dozen western maps, 2 umbrellas, 2 pocket knives, a pillow, coins and toothpicks and binder clips everywhere, 2 jackets, tissues, window cleaners, a new backpack, 2 water bottles, one of my mother’s earrings, and an old flashlight.

Wade Dickinson loved cars – having fixed and built them since he was a boy in Hickory Township, PA. Today, we said goodbye to his last car, a red 1991 Ford Thunderbird in good condition, donated to KQED public radio since no one in the family wanted to drive or store it. It was sad seeing the Tbird drive off on the roof of the tow truck, hopefully to a new useful life.



Images Copyright Katy Dickinson 2006-2012

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One response to “Goodbye Tbird

  1. Pete

    Just catching up on Katy’s blog. Quite a telling collection of stuff in the T-Bird. I recall giving Wade those recordings of Feynman. At the time, he logged a lot of time driving up and down I-5, so clearly needed some theoretical physicals by the passionate and always controversial Feynman. Left behind fr us to ponder, as Wade went on to his next exploration.

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