Laura’s Moon

12_05_20_LEclipse146 (2) peak

I was delighted with these photos of the 20 May 2012 lunar eclipse taken by our friend Laura from the San Francisco Bay Area.  We missed seeing the event because my son and I were in a jet, coming home from Jessica’s CMU graduation. Paul was particularly disappointed since he has been taking astronomy classes from the inspiring Professor Andrew Fraknoi at Foothill College. Notice that Laura even caught sun spots in her pictures!

12_05_20_LEclipse209 (2)

12_05_20_LEclipse227 (2)

Images Copyright 2012 Laura Holmes

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One response to “Laura’s Moon

  1. Thanks so much for the great pix – I didn’t realize you could photo
    the moon so clearly! I’ve heard the term “sunspots” often, but didn’t know what they are: are those small dots truly spots created by the sun? I’ve seen great detailed and disturbed oceans of liquids looking like oceans of water but didn’t make a connection.
    and why are there such consistent color changes – especially around the edges? I did take an astronomy class at U.C. Berkeley once but never got a chance to ask questions. Maybe Paul will led me his text book?
    Thanks and love,
    While on the subject of color of moon light, while walking late at night at 6000 feet near “Lair of the Bear” I noticed that the moon light color around the dark black shadows from the trees was warm! That should mean that the light shining on the branches was cool, probably bluish?? Data please?
    from Eleanor

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