Beach Chalet – Family Lunch


We went to the Beach Chalet today for a family lunch.  My brother Pete and his daughter Lynda, and our cousin Rip and his wife Joanna were visiting.  They joined Eleanor, Paul, John and me for a leisurely meal watching the Pacific waves break on sunny, windy Ocean Beach near the Cliff House.  The Beach Chalet is not only a particularly interesting and beautiful San Francisco landmark, its preservation (along with the Lucien Labaudt murals on its walls) was the passionate work of many years by our family friend Jo Hanson. Inside the oceanfront building are many delightful mosaics and murals from 1925 but my favorite work is the stair rail with mermaids and mermen, an octopus newel post, and other undersea scenes going up to the brewery and restaurant.







Images Copyright 2012 Katy Dickinson

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  1. I’m so jealous! Y’all look great!

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