Ball Dog


Gilroy is our 2-year-old shepherd-corgi mix (shepherd on the top, corgi on the bottom) who is obsessed with toys, especially balls. He has several tricks:

  1. Fetch – throw almost anything and he will bring it back
  2. Hammock Bounce – throw a toy onto the hammock and he will bounce it off  from below
  3. Gate Toss – stand outside a gate and he will throw his toy through then silently stare meaningfully until you throw it back

My daughter wrote a blog entry last year with a YouTube video of Gilroy bouncing a red rubber bone off of the hammock. Our other dog (a large but very shy collie-pit) has no interest in toys but she will crawl into your lap any time for a cuddle.  Both are rescue dogs – adopted after their first families abandoned them.

IMG_9185 copy

Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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