Safe Disposal of Old Medicine


This week, San Francisco Bay Area’s Alameda became the first US county to pass a “Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance” requiring producers of drugs sold or distributed in the county to pay for the safe collection and disposal of unused medications. I noticed this news story because I just took a bag of such medicines to the drop box at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (795 El Camino Real, Palo Alto). About once a year, I go through the medicines in our house, check the expiration date, and put old stuff in a bag for disposal. I have written about challenges Disposing of Toxics when clearing my parents’ house for sale earlier this year. I was pleased to find the PAMF drop box as a safe and easy solution to this ongoing problem. Information on other Bay Area disposal sites is available from the Regional Water Quality Control Plant “” web site.


Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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  1. Aunt Lou

    Walgreen’s Drug Store will take unused medicines about every 6 months for disposal, which is nice but sometimes you want to do it sooner. Their pharmacist recommended that we put all the pills and liquid meds in a bowl, add water to disolve, stir a bit, and then deposit it at the bottom of the kitty litter bag just before we change the litter. The bag with used kitty litter and unknown meds goes into the garbage can in plastic and away to the dump.

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