San Francisco Bay Area Labyrinths

California Pacific Medical Center – courtyard, Pacific Heights, Buchanan at Clay, San Francisco

Labyrinths are maze-like paths used for thousands of years in design and public structures. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have seen two types of public labyrinths: those inspired by the design on the floor of Chartres Cathedral (from around the year 1250) with 11 circuits and a distinct flower-like center, and the much-older classical Greek or Cretan patterns. Walking a labyrinth is a popular form of meditation, particularly in hospitals and Christian church buildings and gardens.  Some groups think so highly of this calming exercise, that they have painted portable labyrinths on canvas for spiritual retreats in places where no permanent labyrinth exists.  Some of the public labyrinths in the San Francisco Bay Area may be visited at:

Other Labyrinths in the area are listed here:

You can even have your own home labyrinth by buying a rug of that pattern from the Signals catalogue (pictured below).


El Camino Hospital – inside main lobby, 2500 Grant Road, Mountain View:

Saint Thomas Episcopal Church – courtyard, 231 Sunset Avenue, Sunnyvale:

Lincoln Avenue downtown bench near Meredith Avenue, Willow Glen – San Jose:


All Saints’ Palo Alto CA – Added March 2013:

Images Copyright 2011-2013 by Katy Dickinson


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3 responses to “San Francisco Bay Area Labyrinths

  1. Dorothy Dewing

    Good job. I don’t know of any others.

  2. Hi Katy! My former church, Grace Lutheran in Palo Alto, recently put in a labyrinth. I visited it last time I was there and found it was a calming and centering experience. It’s right on the Waverley street side of the church – let me know if you get to walk it!

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