TechWomen at Huawei


We are having a good first week with the three TechWomen mentees hosted by Huawei in Santa Clara, California. We are still sorting out offices and equipment and accesses and orientation and starting work on our projects.  Tonight,  John and Paul and I went to a sushi dinner with two TechWomen and then on a tour of the San Jose TechShop where we have a family membership.  We visited the textile area, wood shop (including my favorite Powermatic lathe), metal shop, laser room, and other technical and tool delights.



Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “TechWomen at Huawei

  1. I bet your Mentees are happy
    They certainly are lucky to have you as a Mentor, for you are so versed with the process and the needs of Mentees and Companies

    The smiles say it all

  2. The Sculpture in Glass ??? looks to be an intricate piece
    I bet this is a great artisans’ haven

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