TechWomen Dinner at Home


The Huawei TechWomen mentors and mentees gathered in my home for a potluck dinner tonight. My husband made a halal chicken curry with rice as the entree.  There were women from at least seven countries around our table: China, Egypt, India, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, and the USA. The guests had fun visiting my office in WP668, our backyard caboose. The food was interesting, plentiful, and delicious. My mother and husband joined the party.  What a delightful group of new friends!


Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher


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4 responses to “TechWomen Dinner at Home

  1. Thanks much Katy for the lovely dinner! It was a very enjoyable evening.

  2. I will pay complients as due to cullinary expertise….compliments to your Husband and Mom

    but Ido not cease to be amazed at the caboose project…
    it is not incredible…. only because it is there for everyone to see, and sit by the fire…
    but the incrdulity is in the width of your imagination and intent to execute.

    Dear Mrs Dickinson… please accept my cpmpliments, amazement, and total impressedness…

    Bless you

  3. Suneeta Aggarwal

    Hi Katy,
    Thank you for a wonderful feast enjoyed in the company of wonderful friends!

  4. I love the gathering and the deliciuos meals

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