Metal and Clay

Last weekend, we visited two interesting companies selling the bits which make up our homes:

At Sims, we were looking for some steel pipe and angle iron for John, although I also came home with a treasure: a 4-shelf wrought iron plant stand for $20 which only needs a little work. Everything at Sims is sold by the pound – kettle drums, lawn chairs, fencing, old farm equipment, rusted bird cages, old iron stoves, and unidentifiable bits of steel. There is even a small section for sculptures.




At Fireclay Tile, we looked for the tiles to pave our new side porch. John and I rooted through the new tile showroom and also the Boneyard in back where excess and nonstandard tiles wait for adoption.  We found some likely piazza tiles by Gladding McBean plus a tile mural for the center.




Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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