TechWomen at Work and Play


Our second week of the TechWomen mentoring program here in the Silicon Valley has been one of both work and play. My mentee and I are deep in discussions about her project during the day. Tonight, a group of us went with our Huawei co-workers to a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game.




Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “TechWomen at Work and Play

  1. Soccer and smiles
    Hope it was not too disappointing … a draw …2 – 2
    Beter luck next time

  2. Adla

    I am so lucky to have the professional people to share me the brainstorming session to discuss the mentoring program for AlMakassed association
    Thank you soulheila johne Yingyin and BIG thanks for u Katy
    We also enjoyed the wonderfull soccer game

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