Technical Women in the Arab Region: Challenges vs. Aspirations


I am at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Baltimore, Maryland. GHC12 is sold out for the third year running, with 3,600 amazing technical women (and a few men) participating from all over the world. I attended the Anita Borg Institute Advisory Board meeting this morning (presenting an update on the work of the Famous Women in Computer Science team). Tonight, I get to see my daughter Jessica Dickinson Goodman present her poster called “Using the Technology to Lower the Cost of Being a Woman”.

Tomorrow, I am moderating a panel called “Technical Women in the Arab Region: Challenges vs. Aspirations” featuring four TechWomen mentees from the original class in 2011: Hania Gati (Algeria), Maysoun Ibrahim (Palestine), Reham Nasser (Egypt), and Sukaina Al Nasrawi (Lebanon). Ours was the only 2011 TechWomen presentation accepted for GHC12 – we are very proud to represent our sisters! Maysoun, Reham, and Sukaina are already here (Hania arrives tonight). We met this afternoon to discuss how we would manage tomorrow’s panel. The 2012 TechWomen will arrive from California in time to attend tonight’s poster session. I am very much looking forward to introducing my 2012 mentee to my friends from the 2011 TechWomen program and to my daughter.


Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson


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One response to “Technical Women in the Arab Region: Challenges vs. Aspirations

  1. You are a Super TechLeader… making your TechWomen proud…

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