TechWomen Leadership Workshop


Yesterday, the TechWomen spent a day at Georgetown University in a leadership workshop with Barbara Fittipaldi. Barbara Fittipaldi was one of those who inspired Dr. Anita Borg to start what is now the Anita Borg Institute.

Afterwards, some of the TechWomen spent the evening exploring Georgetown. My daughter Jessica and my mentee and I went exploring on the mall to see the sights at night, particularly the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. We were moved by Dr. King’s words carved on the curving wall behind the big statue. Jessica and I sang “We Shall Overcome” – the anthem for the African-American Civil Rights Movement. We also visited the Washington Monument and White House to see them wearing lights in the dark.




MLK door mural on the Luther Place Memorial Church (Washington DC), seen 9 October 2012:

Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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One response to “TechWomen Leadership Workshop

  1. Wonderful
    I am sure your Mentee is accumulating so many skills and of course information … That is what makes this program so important.

    The writing on the wall about challenge is befitting both Mentor and Mentee… I am certain

    in appreciation

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