TechWomen at US State Department


The TechWomen visited the US State Department and New America Foundation yesterday here in Washington DC. It was interesting to hear about the electronic social media policies and practices of the White House from New Media Director Macon Phillips, manager of WhiteHouse.Gov, and of the State Department from Victoria Esser (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State). At the New America Foundation, we enjoyed a panel including representatives from the United National mHealth Alliance, Grameen Foundation, and the Innovation Labs at The World Bank.

A group of us went for a long dinner last night at Zaytinya which features wonderful food from Greece, Turkey and Lebanon.




Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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One response to “TechWomen at US State Department

  1. When are you going to strt TechMen and give us a chance to do what TechWomen did during this great trip.

    Wonderful interactions, great visits…

    waiting for TechMen Program

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