Lunch with The Girls

IMG_0253 copy

Today with mixed feelings I attended the going away lunch Ishita kindly arranged with my soon-to-be-former co-workers at Huawei. I will miss this remarkably capable group of women! Yingying generously gave me a purple frame for a picture of The Girls. After lunch, I chaired my final Patent Review Board meeting for Futurewei’s Enterprise Global Competency Center, John and I cleared out my office, and I returned my computers and badge. Tomorrow, I officially start consulting for MentorCloud.



Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson


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4 responses to “Lunch with The Girls

  1. Good Luck
    and we are all sure Mentor Cloud is a winner

  2. Adla Chatila

    Miss YOU Yanyan Suheila Ishita KATY miss you all
    your office means a lot to me
    wish you katy all the best in you new job

  3. Jun

    I wish I could make to the lunch. We miss you!

  4. Hasna

    Best of luck Katy ! nice pictures, they remind me of the good time we had, miss you all !

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