This week, we are getting the bricks laid on top of some of our new concrete paths in our back garden. Jack and Rudy Batinich are the masonry contractors working on this project.  The picture above is of Rudy’s work boots – showing the toes of a man who kneels a lot.

  1. They started by sorting our collection of old bricks so that they knew what they had to work with.  We probably need about 200 more old bricks than we have.
  2. Next, we decided on design.  The big area to be bricked will be running bond pattern with a border, and will connect with two walkways – one jack-on-jack (or stacked bond) and the other in basket weave classic brick pattern.  We have about fifty irregular clinker or burnt bricks which will be in the border.

I think this is going to look good and be very functional.




Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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