Stucco Done

Our new porch got its stucco wall covering yesterday – which will cure for several weeks before we can paint. A stucco finish has many layers, starting with paper, then wire, followed by a smooth base coat, lastly the textured final coat.  The original wet grey color is turning pale as it dries.  The winter’s damp weather here in Willow Glen will ensure a slow curing and harder result. The final work is also complete on our new brick paths (made of old bricks) – which look wonderful! Still to finish:

  • Stucco around the final window (the new smaller window was installed today – a surprise late addition because of mis-measurement on where the roof ties in)
  • Install ceramic roof tiles
  • Install electrical fixtures – inside and out
  • Paint inside and out
  • Decorative iron work
  • Tile floor

We should be all done by the end of January.  Of course, I originally thought we would be done in September… silly me.







Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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