New Home for Van Gilder Glass Panel


Last week, the Van Gilder stained glass panel was finally installed in the wall between our dining room and new porch.  The large and elegant stained glass panel was created by Walter Somers Van Gilder for his home (1007 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee) about a hundred years ago. In July, it came home: re-leaded and refreshed by Vincent Taylor Architectural Art Glass.  The picture below shows my son Paul D. Goodman, the great-great-grandson of Walter Van Gilder, helping to install the panel in our home in Willow Glen, California.  We designed a window enclosure so that the panel could be removed for cleaning.  Last night, I enjoyed sitting next to the panel as we celebrated Christmas dinner with family and friends.  I think my great-grandfather would be happy to know that his creation continues to bring pleasure to his family.




Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson


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5 responses to “New Home for Van Gilder Glass Panel

  1. Paul King

    It’s nice to see a living memory of family history and art put to such functional (and beautiful) use!

  2. danabayiates

    Omigawd, Katy, it’s GORGEOUS.

  3. danabayiates

    Btw, tell Aunt Eleanor to check her email more often: I’ve sent her photos!

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