Ceramic Tile Floor


The ceramic tile floor on our new porch is done at last – and I am very pleased with it. The combination of the Floral Mural by Fireclay Tile, paver tiles from Gladding McBean (one of the oldest companies in California), and Mexican painted tiles looks good. It has taken much time and effort to get this done (the mural had to be made twice due to color problems – taking six weeks each time). SP Tile & Granite did an excellent job of installation.  Despite the still-missing railing and tile breakfast bar, and the winter cold, John and I had breakfast on our porch for the first time this morning.







Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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  1. What a wonderful time and trip you all are having – and doing a lot of good with the women and girls you meet.. especially when the Pope has just resigned! I,m keeping Peter in touch with appt. changes here.
    Can you bring Jessie back with you?
    Love to you both!

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