Family Research

I am enjoying researching our family tree, with the help of the Ancestry.Com web-based resources. I have collected family records and pictures for many years but having all of this information in boxes is not the same as giving it structure. Scanning of images started for my father’s 80th birthday video in 2006, then expanded to make books for his 85th birthday and my mother’s 80th birthday.  Starting with bits and pieces of family history – from letters from cousins to copies of the birth/death pages from the family Bible – information is checked against public records such as the U.S. Census to profile each family member.

It is interesting to figure out the exact relationships of cousins and family members I have heard of all of my life.  Also, to realize that I know much more about some than others.  For example, Stella Vaughan Creekmore was appointed U.S. Postmaster in 1915. Two of my great-grandfathers were coal miners (on different sides of the family, in Kentucky and Pennsylvania).  Ben Wade Orr Dickinson was a farmer and then the printer for the Sharon Pennsylvania Herald newspaper for 25 years.  Family legend has it that we are related to John Dickinson who signed the US Constitution but I am still trying to work out how.

Here are images of our family for the last few generations:

Me: Katy Dickinson . IMG_5225 copy copy
My parents:
Wade Dickinson, III
Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson
. 1989.Wade.Eleanor.USMA40th
My father’s parents:
Wade Dickinson, Jr.
Gladys Oakes Dickinson
. BWODickinsonJr.Gladys.1945
My mother’s parents:
Robert Elmond Creekmore
Evelyn Van Gilder Creekmore
. Evelyn.RECreekmore
My father’s father’s parents
Wade Dickinson
Mary Magdalene Snyder Dickinson
. MarySnyderDickinson.BWODickinson.1930
My father’s mother’s parents
Robert Edwin Oakes
Edna Cannon Oakes
. EdnaCannonOakes.RobertOakes.1935
My mother’s father’s parents
George Washington Creekmore
Stella Vaughan Creekmore
. GeorgeWashington.Stella.Creekmore.1920 copy
My mother’s mother’s parents
Walter Atkins Van Gilder
Ellen Rachel Bolli Van Gilder
. 1911.EllaBolliVanGilder.oilportrait . Walter.VanGilder

Images Copyright 2006-2013 Katy Dickinson


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