Porch Ironwork


Installation of the iron work on our new porch has started – the last major element to finish. We now have a new gate, round window grilles, and ironwork panels in the arched wall openings. I bought the ironwork panels many years ago – they are about a hundred years old and were originally part of an elevator. The window grille design was inspired by a picture in the 2002 book Red Tile Style: America’s Spanish Revival Architecture by Arrol Gellner and Douglas Keister.  The new gate is patterned on our original garden gate.

I am very happy with the results so far, despite all of the work, delays, and cost overruns. The breakfast bar and railing are the last pieces of ironwork to go in – and are still being made by Brian’s Welding. This weekend, I start repairing my poor garden – all torn up by construction.




Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Porch Ironwork

  1. Dorothy Dewing

    Am eager to see the new addition. Dorothy


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