New Porch Garden

Jerusalem Cricket

I have at last sorted out the garden in front of our new porch. This required 8 hours of finding and removing ten bushel baskets of construction debris mixed in the dirt, including: many nails, two lengths of rusted pipe, concrete and brick chips, a wooden stake, a buried fence post end, tape and other plastic bits, and small rocks. I added five large bags of compost and topsoil and dug it in well. Then, I moved all of the boulders to better locations – many had to be rolled since they were too heavy to lift. A section of former-lawn got incorporated into the new planting bed so all of the grass roots had to be sifted out. During this project, I relocated many earthworms and one large and very irritated Jerusalem Cricket. After preparing the ground, I planted lavender, rosemary, and one elegant blue-grey echeveria as an accent. Stepping stones and bark chips completed the project. I am pleased with the result and hope it all grows well.

Post script: this was my first blog entry entirely written on my Apple iPad 2, including uploading the pictures using a Lightening to SD card adapter (Secure Digital non-volatile memory card reader for iPad). My camera is a Canon PowerShot S95. I will be traveling to the Middle East in a week and am experimenting by not bringing my laptop. I am learning to use the FlickrStackr application to manage my photos on Flickr.

Last Import-15

Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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